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Services & Rates

Free Consultation: We meet with both you and your dog(s) before any services are scheduled. This gives all of us a chance to meet and provides a good opportunity to see how your dog(s) reacts to us in your home. Meeting at your home also gives your dog(s) a chance to feel more comfortable with us this first time we enter your home alone.

Walking: No pack walking. Your dog(s) will get all our attention. This will ensure your dog(s) will get the exercise they need for both physical and mental stimulation. Active dogs lead healthy and happy lives.

  • $15 for 15-minute walk/visit
  • $20 for 30-minute walk/visit
  • $35 for 60-minute walk/visit
  • $6 for each additional dog

Pet Sitting: We offer a couple types of pet sitting, overnight stay or just visits throughout the day. Visits to your home, we will visit your home 3 or 4 times a day. It will include 3 walks, all feedings, all medication, mail pickup, turning lights on and off, watering plants, opening and closing blinds and any other little things you need done while you are away. Overnight stay at your home includes everything from the visits to your home plus we spend the night with your dog(s).

  • $65 for visits to your home
  • $75 for overnight stay
  • $6 for each additional dog

Additional Add-on Services: We can customize all services to meet your dog(s) needs. We can also add on services to your walk/visit.
  • Feeding $6 (We only charged for feeding if it needs supervision. We don’t charge to just put food into a bowl.)
  • Medication $6 (We only charge for medication if it’s complicated. We won’t charge you for giving a pill.)

Holidays are double (New Year’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving & Christmas)